Meet Jose

Age 11, Brantford Church (Ontario Hockey Federation)


“We came to Canada five years ago and we have eight people in our family including mom, dad and six children (four boys and two girls). I'm number four. All of my brothers play hockey, but we started late.

My father is very athletic and he always has taught us to practice sports, but sometimes it is not easy because we are so many at home. I learned to skate two years after arriving in Canada. I was 7-8 years old. It is late for a Canadian child, as you can usually see children skating when they are two years old, but that doesn't discourage me from playing. I'm one of the worst, but I'm here to learn. I wish I had learned earlier, but it doesn't matter. My older brothers, who are now 15 and 14 years old, started playing at 12 years old and they have achieved a lot. If they can, I can too.

We are from Chile, I speak Spanish, English and I'm in French immersion, so I'm trying to be trilingual. I really love hockey and I wish with all my heart to improve and demonstrate to people that if you want, you can … even though you learned late.”



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