“When Ashan started playing in 2009 in Hockey 1 the coaches handed out practice jerseys to the kids:  black for the strong skaters, blue for medium, and green to the beginners.  Ashan wore his green jersey proudly!  He spent the whole year one-legged skating and thought he was amazing.  To get him to skate harder I told him to follow the black jerseys and he did and hasn't looked back since.

Throughout the years, each season brought new experiences, new destinations, and added to our expanding hockey family (some of the best people out there).

In 2014, when Ashan's dad and I separated, I got some advice on how to help my kids deal with the changes, to keep them busy and surround them with love, positive energy and support.  So, I did that with the incredible help of our hockey family who stepped up in so many ways.

Ashan's dad, by his own choice, has not seen Ashan since 2016, and I know Ashan has missed out on that and it has affected him. But Ashan has been blessed each year with a team full of dads who have chosen to  care about him.  Ashan will always remember that it is his coaches who are teaching him how to be a great role model, how to show up, how to work hard and be better.  These are the "black jerseys" he is now following, the ones that are teaching him skills that he can carry with him into adulthood.

Ashan and I would like to thank everyone that has been there for him.  There are too many to name, but they know who they are. We all know that hockey is not cheap, but support from organizations like this gives kids like Ashan and families like mine, a chance to play the game they love.” – Ashan’s mom