March 2nd, 2021 08:42
“‘Is your baby Canadian? Because she's really watching that hockey game!’ Those were the surprising words I was told at a hotel breakfast when Everly was three months old. She was born with hockey in her blood, something her single mom knew nothing about!” – Everly’s mom
Meet Everly Age 7, Tricities Female LHA (BC Hockey) “I have always believed that you need to follow your dreams and carve your own path, and because Everly had chosen hockey as her interest, I wanted to make sure she could ...


November 30th, 2020 14:51
“I really love hockey and I wish with all my heart to improve and demonstrate to people that if you want, you can … even though you learned late.” – Jose
Meet Jose Age 11, Brantford Church (Ontario Hockey Federation) “We came to Canada five years ago and we have eight people in our family including mom, dad and six children (four boys and two girls). I'm number four. All ...


December 2nd, 2020 09:40
Meet Pasquale Age 9, Association Sportive Monteuil Laval (Hockey Quebec) “We are managers and owners of two businesses that have been hard hit by COVID-19. We find ourselves in a difficult situation that forces Pasquale to ...


December 11th, 2020 11:20
Meet Silas Age 11, Southern Shore Minor Hockey Association (Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador) “When Silas was born, he had a congenital club foot and we were told he may never be able to play sports or even run or walk as ...


November 30th, 2020 15:37
“Ashan lives and loves hockey.  It is a part of who he is.  From his first hockey days until now, his second year as a U18, hockey season has been part of the core of who he is. His family, the people we have met, the families we have shared our lives with and the coaches and trainers who give so much of their time and energy and have shaped him into the young man he is today.”
“When Ashan started playing in 2009 in Hockey 1 the coaches handed out practice jerseys to the kids: black for the strong skaters, blue for medium, and green to the beginners. Ashan wore his green jersey proudly! He spent the whole year ...