WHEREAS the Hockey Canada Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “HCF” or the “Foundation”) is a not-for-profit charitable corporation that seeks to increase access to hockey for all Canadians by: i) removing barriers to the game; ii) providing resources and tools to better equip kids, parents, and coaches; and iii) promoting nation-building, citizenship, mentorship, and community involvement;

AND WHEREAS HCF has created the Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund (the “Assist Fund”), which aims to provide funding to Hockey Canada-sanctioned Local Hockey Associations (“LHAs”) on behalf of children who may require financial assistance to pay hockey registration fees;

AND WHEREAS HCF will determine how to distribute the Assist Fund based on applications submitted on behalf of minor hockey players by their parents/guardians (referred to collectively as the “Applicant”);

NOW THEREFORE HCF and the Applicant agree that the following terms and conditions apply with respect to any application submitted by the Applicant to the Assist Fund:

Section 1 – Overview of Application Process

  1. HCF has created an online application that the Applicant can use to submit a request for funding on behalf of their child/children. The Applicant will complete a standard form containing the information required by HCF to determine eligibility for funding, as described further in Section 2 below.

  2. In the event the Applicant’s application is approved, approved funds will be issued directly by HCF to the applicable LHA where the Applicant’s child/children will be registered. HCF cannot provide funding directly to the Applicant or any other individual, private or non-registered business, non-profit corporation, or charitable organization.


Section 2 – Assist Fund Eligibility

  1. All funding is at the discretion of HCF and funding allocations may be subject to change.

  2. Subject to paragraph 7 below, all applications for funding through the Assist Fund must meet the definition of financially disadvantaged as determined by Federal Low Income Cut-off (“LICO”) Guidelines.

  3. Applicants must be registering a child with a Hockey Canada-sanctioned LHA for the 2023-24 season.

  4. In addition to basic information on their child/children, the Applicant will be required to provide proof of household income and/or financial need. HCF has the discretion to request documents to establish financial need, including but not limited to tax filings and bank records.

  5. HCF reserves the right to deviate from the eligibility criteria set out in this Section 2 where necessary to address extenuating circumstances. Examples where this paragraph may be invoked by HCF, as its sole discretion, include but are not limited to applications from refugee families who lack the necessary documentation typically required by HCF as part of an application, or families who have recently experienced job loss such that their current income is not reflected by tax filings from the previous year.

  6. In the event that the Applicant is applying to be reimbursed for funds they have already paid to an LHA on behalf of their child/children, then the Applicant will be required to show proof of payment to the LHA.

  7. Providing information through an application for funding does not imply that funding is approved. Applications for funding can be declined upon review, even if the Applicant establishes financial need. Until the Applicant receives confirmation that funding has been approved or denied, the status of their application is under review.

  8. No funding will be granted to cover aspects of a registration fee which are not directly related to the playing of hockey (e.g., mandatory fundraising fees or skills camps).


Section 3 – Approved Grants

  1. If approved, funding will be provided directly to the LHA via EFT or e-transfer. Where LHAs are not equipped to accept payment in these manners, cheques will be held for pick up at the Hockey Canada Calgary office. If cheques have not been picked up by January 15 2024, cheques will be mailed to Member Branch. Payments for approved grants will be released on October 30.

  2. In situations where the Applicant has already registered with an LHA, the LHA will then issue a rebate in the amount of the funding granted to the person who paid for the Applicant’s registration. In the event that registration was paid for by two parents, the LHA will issue rebates to each parent pro-rata based on the percentage of the total registration fee paid by each parent.

  3. Upon approval of funding, it is the responsibility of the Applicant on behalf of their child/children to work directly with the LHA to ensure a spot is available for their child/children in one of the LHA’s programs.

  4. The Applicant is required to notify HCF as soon as possible if the Applicant’s child/children stop attending a program or if a program is cancelled. In such circumstances, the Applicant must work directly with the LHA to arrange for a refund to HCF before a further application is made to HCF for additional program funding by the Applicant. Failure to properly inform HCF of program cancellation or not taking appropriate steps to arrange for a refund may negatively impact further funding applications made by the Applicant.


Section 4 – Representations of the Applicant

  1. The Applicant represents that they are the legal representative of the child/children on whose behalf they are applying, and further represent that they have the appropriate authority to sign a legally binding agreement on behalf of such child/children.

  2. The Applicant represents and warrants that they are not knowingly submitting fraudulent or incomplete information in their application and further represents that all such information submitted to HCF is correct in all respects to the best of their knowledge and does not distort the financial situation of the Applicant’s family. All such information provided in the Applicant’s application is subject to audit by HCF and, in the case of fraudulent, incomplete or misleading information, HCF is entitled to take appropriate legal actions, including seeking the return of any funds provided to the LHA for the Applicant’s child/children’s programs. 


Section 5 – Privacy

  1. HCF is committed to securely maintaining personal information that can be linked to an identifiable individual (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”) that is submitted along with an application in accordance with all applicable Canadian data protection laws and regulations, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

  2. Personal Information collected through the application process will only be used in connection with the administration of funding and program participation or as otherwise required by law.

  3. Personal Information collected through the application process will not be used by HCF for promotional, advertising, or any marketing purpose without the Applicant’s explicit consent.

Section 6 – General Terms

  1. By accepting these terms and conditions, the Applicant:

    1. Agrees that Personal Information provided in their application for funding on behalf of their child/children will be shared the applicable LHA and third parties as may be required in connection with the review and approval process of the application and disbursement of funds.

    2. Consents to receiving operational email communications and/or telephone calls with regard to the status of their application and funding from HCF. E-mail and/or telephone are the only methods of receiving such notices, and if no e-mail address or telephone number is provided in the application, the system will be unable to inform the Applicant of their application status or approval for funding.

    3. Acknowledges and agrees that HCF and Hockey Canada are not responsible for the acts or omissions of LHAs or other contracting parties who participate in the administration or delivery of programs and hereby agree that they shall not name HCF or Hockey Canada in any proceeding or claim it may commence against LHAs or other contracting parties relating to such administration or delivery. In the event that the Applicant commences such proceeding or claim against an LHA or other contracting party and HCF or Hockey Canada are added to such proceeding in any manner whatsoever, whether justified in law or not, the Applicant will immediately discontinue the proceedings and/or claim.


Section 7 – Applicable Law

  1. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Alberta.