What is the Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund? 

The Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund was created in 2020 to provide financial support to Canadian youth who want to play hockey and break barriers. 

The fund will provide up to $500 per youth player in registration fee subsidies for financially-qualified applicants registered with a sanctioned Hockey Canada association.

Canadians can also make a donation to the Assist Fund to support the game in their community. 100% of all donations will go to supporting access to hockey.


Who qualifies for Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund?

Financial Qualification: The Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund is open to applicants (as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency) who currently meet the LICO (low income cutoff) as established by Stats Canada.

Registration Fee Qualification: Applicants must be registering a child with a Hockey Canada-sanctioned local hockey association (LHA) for the 2023-24 season.

What is required to apply for the Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund?

To apply, you will need to fill out an online form and provide a few documents to demonstrate your financial and registration fee qualifications. 

For financial qualification, please provide proof of total family annual income for that respective year. This could include your Canada Child Benefit (CCB), or last year’s Notice of Assessment (NOA) Line 15,000 for income earning family members. 


For Registration Fee Qualification, please provide proof of Minor Hockey Association Registration or official quote from Minor Hockey Association you plan to register your kids. Once you have applied for an assist, you can NOT switch your association.

You will also need to disclose if you’ve applied for other funding.

What does “Hockey Canada-sanctioned” mean?

Hockey Canada-sanctioned includes all hockey programming offered by Hockey Canada, its Members, Local Hockey Associations, Partners, Hockey Canada Schools with Residence, Hockey Canada Accredited Schools or any other organization under the auspices of Hockey Canada.

How much funding will applicants receive? 

Each approved applicant will receive up to $500 per player in funding that will only go toward registration fees with a sanctioned Hockey Canada association.

When will applicants receive their funding?

Funding for approved applicants will be sent to their Hockey Canada-sanctioned local hockey association (LHA), which will then apply the funds to the applicant’s registration fees. Processing of requests and approvals should range from two to four weeks (subject to volume of requests). Disbursement of funds will vary by LHA – please contact your LHA directly.

How long is the Fund accepting applications for the 2023-24 season?

The Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund will be open to receive applications between August 1, 2023 until October 15 , 2023. 

How are funds being allocated?

To ensure equity, we will allocate $10,000 per Member. Funds will then be distributed on a first come, first served basis. The Hockey Canada Foundation works hard year-round with a goal to ensure funds are available to meet the demand from coast to coast. 

Can I donate to the Assist Fund?

Yes, please! When it’s time to play, we all need an assist. More donations made to the Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund mean more young Canadians can enjoy the game they love.


How much of my donation goes to helping Canadians?

Hockey Canada covers all costs associated with the administration of the Assist Fund so 100% of all donations made assist Canadian youth as they get back to playing hockey.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

A tax receipt will be issued for all personal donations of more than $20.

How do I qualify for the BIPOC funding?

To find out if you qualify for funding, please complete the Assist Fund application form and identify yourself as a member of the BIPOC community. BIPOC applicants must meet all other criteria set out in the application form.

 Do I need to complete a separate application form to apply for the BIPOC funding?

No. Please use the main Assist Fund application form

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

For additional assistance, please contact assistfund@hockeycanada.ca.  

How many Canadians have received an Assist?

Over the past three seasons, we have helped over 5,200 kids play hockey as approved Assist Fund applicants.