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The Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund provides subsidies to assist with hockey registration fees for Canadian youth.

More than $350,000 in funding for BIPOC youth provided by Scotiabank.

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We'll ensure 100% of your donation goes to subsidizing hockey registration fees for canadian youth.

Our new Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund works daily to make hockey more by enabling Canadian youth to experience the power of play through Canada's game.

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Meet some of our Assist Fund all-stars

COVID-19 has challenged so many Canadians’ financial stability. The need for support to keep kids in hockey is real. Meet a few of the amazing young people the Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund has had the honour of supporting.

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Age 7, Tricities Female LHA (BC Hockey)

“‘Is your baby Canadian? Because she's really watching that hockey game!’ Those were the surprising words I was told at a hotel breakfast when Everly was three months old. She was born with hockey in her blood, something her single mom knew nothing about!” – Everly’s mom

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Age 11, Brantford Church (Ontario Hockey Federation)

“I really love hockey and I wish with all my heart to improve and demonstrate to people that if you want, you can … even though you learned late.” – Jose

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Age 9, Association Sportive Monteuil Laval (Hockey Quebec)

“Pasquale is passionate about hockey. As an only child, being at home is very difficult both physically and morally. Hockey fulfills his need to expend energy and perform, but also his need to socialize with kids his age and his teammates who are his second family!” – Pasquale’s mom

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Age 11, Southern Shore Minor Hockey Association (Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador)

“When Silas was born, he had a congenital club foot and we were told he may never be able to play sports or even run or walk. He has made leaps and bounds in the sport and in his little lifetime. He is now so proud to say he is a hockey player.” – Silas’ mom

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